Tales From the Sea

Alexander Flint
Outskirts Press (2013)
ISBN: 9781478712763
Reviewed by Christine Watson for Reader View Kids (12/13)

“Tales From the Sea” by Alexander Flint is a collection of short stories loosely based on the author’s experiences on cruise ships. These stories are not for the faint of heart, as many of them contain violent recollections of war and torture. Flint does a great job of bringing the reader into each story, captivating one’s attention immediately.

I enjoyed reading some of these stories, whereas others were disturbing, but still engaging. I don’t typically enjoy any kind of violence or torture, but couldn’t put this book down and found myself interested in how each story ended. There are many stories about soldiers and their battles during war. There are also many stories of murders, some justified and others for sport. I did find myself cheering the murders of some of the victims because of the horrible way they treated others. There were several stories that had characters that I despised, which shows the talent of the author to create believable characters.

I recommend Alexander Flint’s “Tales From the Sea” to anyone interested in tales of murder, sex and war. The stories are engaging and interesting with a touch of real history. I found myself wanting to research some of the historical events that were mentioned in this book. Many of the stories are created around the different wars of history, including World War II and the Vietnam War among others. Alexander Flint has a way with words that will fascinate the reader.

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