In All Cases Whatsoever

Howard S. Ford
AuthorHouse (2012)
ISBN 9781477280515

Reviewed by Daryn Watson for Reader Views (4/13)

Howard S. Ford’s novel entitled “In All Cases Whatsoever” is based during the early battles of the Revolutionary War between the British Empire and the separatists from the new colonies in America. While the British troops are determined to regain control of the colonial separatists, those who support the idea of separation from Great Britain are equally determined to keep their newfound freedom.

The first part of the book centers on James “Jamie” Claveraque, a stand-up member of the separatist movement. Jamie, a newlywed, with his wife Olivia celebrates their first anniversary together and dream of many more years of marriage. This is a risky endeavor due to the British army pillaging the homes of the separatists and also the threat of those loyal to the British government.

Claveraque must find balance between two higher ranking colonels who often give Jamie conflicting orders. Luckily for him, the colonel who is first in command protects Jamie over his nemesis counterpart.

Jamie proves his value upon the capture of a British deserter who is suspected as being a spy. Instead of using techniques of torture, he gains the trust of the “prisoner” by treating him as a human being. This method proves invaluable to the Separatists’ cause.

The second part of the book focuses on Trevor Shaw, a general store owner and real estate entrepreneur in New York City. He is also a stand-up person and he supports the Separatists. Due to the British troops who frequent his store, Trevor must appear to be neutral so he can keep his business while also allowing him to gain strategic plans the British are using to defeat the Americans.

Despite his efforts to appear neutral, Trevor endures several hardships and predicaments which almost cost him his business and his life. Fortunately, Trevor is wise and sly in many ways and he is able to survive many of his challenges.

“In All Cases Whatsoever” by Howard S. Ford is a well written and descriptive book that brings the reader back in time to the Revolutionary War. It shows the struggles of not only the Americans and the British, but it includes the interactive challenges of the various Native Indian tribes and their roles during the war. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good historic novel.

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