When a Stranger Knocks (Book 2, Mort and Miller Murder Mysteries)

Bruce Forester
AuthorHouse (2013)
ISBN 9781481755337

Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views (10/13)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘When a Stranger Knocks’ by Bruce Forester on Blogcritics.

Bruce Forester has readers on the edge of their seat from page one of this fast-paced, exciting book. “When a Stranger Knocks” is full of intricate levels of mystery, death and secrecy.

Dr. Mort Yvars is a psychiatrist who just happens to be working late this particular night when he hears a thump against his door. When he finally got up to open the door, a young blonde woman in a torn blood-soaked nightgown collapsed, scattering three notebooks. As she nears death she begs the psychiatrist to find her killer in one of the three notebooks. Agreeing to help, Dr. Yvars does not realize the challenging task that lay ahead.

Millie, his forever love, is stunned when he tells her of the events that have taken place. Yvars is still in shock and only hears half of what Millie is saying. But he did hear her say “So you are going to put your 2 cents in. Get killed and leave me a widow.” Millie knows him so well. She knows that Mort will always jump in even though it may be against his better judgment. But what else could you expect from a good guy?

When Yvars begins to read the notebooks he doesn’t know whether he is shocked by what he reads or just plain disgusted. He does know that he needs to figure all this out and make a game plan on what to do once he does figure it out.

Forester’s characters are very descriptive, cunning and intriguing. He pulls each character and chain of events in just at the right time. Just when readers think they know who did it another clue pops up.  At 388 pages, “When a Stranger Knocks” by Bruce Forester, the reading goes very fast and readers will feel like they are playing detective themselves.

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