Creation and Creation’s God: One God, One Story, One People

Dean Fredrikson
Outskirts Press (2014)
ISBN 9781478736226
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (11/14)

In “Creation and Creation’s God: One God, One Story, One People” Dean Fredrikson embraces the thesis that “Genesis is a presentation of the supreme creator God, not a proof of …that God exists or that he created the world in one particular way.”  He presents this interpretation as a thorough, logical, and systematic consideration.

Fredrikson carefully points out the comparison of science, evolution, the philosophical context with their limitations, and the Genesis account of “One God, One Story, One People,” the subtitle of the book. He also compares the literal translation of Genesis with modern science, as well as the nature and cultural aspects of language: intellectually, philosophically, scientifically, politically, and theologically.

I found the material covering the Old Testament prophecy of Jesus Christ and the Jewish interpretation, in light of their history, compelling and of particular interest. Old and New Testament comparisons from the Gospels and the writings of the Apostle Paul also provided important insight and food for additional reflection and attention, as to the significance and the importance of the acceptance of the concepts of the personal relationship between man and God, man’s redemption and the revelatory nature of Genesis.

The wide range of sources in the selected bibliography, the frequency of referral to these within the text, and his detailed attention to documentation through footnotes and the broad range of reading and research, add credibility to Fredrikson’s assumptions. Although he acknowledges that various opinions and interpretations widely vary, his writing conveys a level of confidence, a sense of authority and an additional level of respect for the logic of his conclusions. He writes as a learner with the goal of “reintroducing Christianity into Christendom.” The format of the book is user friendly with chapter introductions and conclusions which are well worth reading again, for assimilation and additional contemplative reflection. 

Dean Fredrikson’s scholarly approach, careful analysis, interpretation, and presentation of “Creation and Creation’s God: One God, One Story, and One People” will attract readers from biblical professors and clerics to Bible students and astute laymen. It will be of particular interest to those with a scientific viewpoint, and to those interested in apologetics and origins.

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