I am a Good Boy: Essential Life Lessons for Young Boys

Reuben Freeman
AuthorHouse (2013)
ISBN 9781481723701

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (5/13)

Article first published as Book Review: I Am a Good Boy by Reuben Freeman on Blogcritics.

In “I am a Good Boy: Essential Life Lessons for Young Boys,” author Reuben Freeman pulls no punches in this straightforward guidebook for young boys.  Each thematic or topical chapter covers material in a natural progression of maturity development.  Each principle is a foundational essential leading the reader to an understanding of the next step.

Freeman draws from his years of experience in education, the United States Army, as a parent, and as a volunteer in community services for the practical insights included in these instructions for a new generation of boys growing into manhood.

Guidelines on subjects of citizenship, manners, a work ethic, and personal responsibility include detailed discussion, instruction and information helpful in the formation of these foundational essentials.  An emphasis on the importance of respect includes family and parents, elders, peers, teachers, women, other people’s property, and a respect for time.

The book can be used as a resource for family night inspiration, as a supplement to home school curriculum, for church parenting classes, or youth seminars. A supplemental study guide would add a whole new dimension in an interactive group study situation.

The emphasis, concepts, and premise for the book are from a conservative idealistic position. The conversational style of the material addresses a potential adolescent, pre-teen, and teen audience. Realistically a majority of contemporary teenagers will be caught up in today’s technology.  Freeman’s cross-generational presentation will limit his readership. I would have liked to see a chapter devoted exclusively to exercising and developing discipline in areas of choice in the use of the internet, cell phone texting, and the social media.

Neither the cover art nor the book’s title adequately describe the depth of the information and instruction included in each of these short power packed chapters. “I am a Good Boy: Essential Life Lessons for Young Boys” by Reuben Freeman clearly defines the expectation of the laws of our society and the consequences of making poor choices.

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