They Called Me Cochise: From The Rhody Rams to the L.A. Lakers to the European Championship during the hippie generation, and the torrid passion that ignited basketball's growth in Italy!

John Leslie Fultz
AuthorHouse (2012)
ISBN 9781477267677

Reviewed by Jennifer Hass for Reader Views (1/13)

Article first published as Book Review: They Called Me Cochise by John Leslie Fultz on Blogcritics.

Every now and then I feel like reading a memoir. It is not too often that I do read them but I thought it would be neat to read one of a basketball player. Since I don’t really get into sports that much, I figured I could read a good book, such as “They Called Me Cochise” by John Leslie Fultz, and also learn a little bit to impress my boyfriend. It turns out that he actually knew who John was and how he was named Cochise.

As I read this book, I gathered quickly that this is indeed a man’s read. John writes about his exciting basketball career as well as other things like money, sex, drugs and rock and roll. John’s writing takes place in the 1970’s where “free love” is the thing, hippie generation for sure. I was born in the 80’s so I wasn’t here to experience this decade but got a rather grand idea of how it was back then.

I feel like the book was fast paced and I surely enjoyed reading it. I thought it was awesome that he recalled so much detail about his life and most of the events like the scores of the games. I have to also say that I learned a little more about basketball as I could visualize the jump shots and other “zone” plays mentioned. They were described where I could surely follow and not feel like a complete airhead. 

I did find myself a bit distracted by the editing errors. A good proofing would have done it so much good. I did find a lot. Some were very minor, however, there were enough that I noticed. I had also expected a little more detail about the meditation part of the book. The main focus was the history that led up to his meditation. I think it takes a lot of courage to stand up to your buddies and give up the hard-core party life for yoga and meditating.

I found myself laughing out loud a lot through this book. I found it extra humorous that this was all written from the mind of a man. Groupies, drinking, doing a little drugs or maybe a lot…Being a woman, I got to read straight into the mind of a male athlete, the mind of a competitor, the mind of a long-haired hippie in the 70’s making his way around Europe doing exactly what he loves. It is exceptional to me that he wrote this book and being it was a true story of his basketball career, it was just that good.

I was very impressed and amused for sure. I would recommend “They Called Me Cochise” by John Leslie Fultz to men who love basketball and women who want to read about what a man really thinks about. I think I even learned a few seduction tips mentioned from his Italian lovers!

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