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The Guardian Chronicles 

Craig Gaydas
CreateSpace (2013)
ISBN: 9781483970097
Reviewed by Tamra LeValley for Reader Views (6/13)

“The Guardian Chronicles” by Craig Gaydas gives the reader a quick lesson on Greek Gods as they attempt to save the Earth during this day and age.  It becomes a bit confusing trying to remember all their names and gifts, and which side they are on: good or evil.  This Sci/Fi book is good for a mid-aged audience since the characters are in their early 30's.  The authors writing style was fast-paced which actually made this book a quick read. There were not too many details in the plot to bog it down.

The protagonist, Gabriel Crane, is a man who is barely living a life at all.  He works as a private investigator with his own business, a business that seems to be sinking each day due to the economy, and he has no love interest.  Then one night his life changes and he wakes up from a coma in his the home of his office assistant, Sheri.  He soon discovers that he is the only man who can save the world as we know it.  His new job is to be the Guardian over the Earth.  He works closely with the Heroes of Olympus against the Titans and their evil forces.  

This book captured my attention from the beginning.  It was fast paced and the plot was easy to follow.  The author's premise of a human helping Greek God's save the Earth was wonderful and the way he wrote Gabriel’s character was humorous.  Gabriel always had a smart comeback or quip that kept me laughing.  He did not let the God's intimidate him into being submissive, which actually helped sell the story line.  His life finally had a purpose as well as his new love interest, Sheri.  

I only gave it three out of five stars because at times the story took an odd turn that left me shaking my head in wonder.  Towards the middle of the book, after Gabriel's first mission was supposed to be complete, the author took too much time to start the continuation of Gabriel's mission.  I felt like he concentrated too much on Gabriel falling in love, which actually caused me to become a bit bored with the book.  The saving grace was the ending and the surprise that awaits the reader.

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