Affairs of Another American Revolution

William Clark Gayton
Outskirts Press, Inc. (2013)  
ISBN 9781478707868
Reviewed by  Brent McLean for Reader Views (04/14)


William Clark Gayton’s book, “Affairs of Another American Revolution” is an interesting alternative history that portrays the American Revolution as if the Americans had lost. The twist is the advancement of technology that enables the British to introduce flying machines to crush George Washington and the Americans at the battle of Yorktown, Virginia.

The impact of technology for the British Empire allows them to maintain their world dominance until 1811. Still facing revolutionaries who are gaining strength, and a new slave uprising in America, the British are overextended as they also have their hands full fighting a war against Napoleon in Europe. Stretched thin over two continents, the Empire finds a new foe in the Imperial Dominion of the Orient, a united force of the Asian continent, attacking the British at home in London and in the Americas. Soon the British must choose on which front they must concentrate their efforts. For the American revolutionaries, the introduction of the Imperial Dominion of the Orient in their own country could potentially lead to new masters. The Revolution must continue, but will they find allies along the way? If so, will they be able to gain their independence after fighting for over 30 years?

As you can see, this is not your normal history lesson. The technology in the story is also not what we know today, which makes this story that much more intriguing to read.

The author is a terrific writer and the adventure flow easily, taking the reader on a journey of this new version of history and feeling as though they are part of the story. “Affairs of Another American Revolution” by William Clark Gayton is the kind of book I truly enjoy and one you do not want to put down until the very last page.


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