The Beautiful Scientist

Corrado Ghinamo
Tate Publishing (2013)
ISBN: 9781621474623
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (11/13)


“The Beautiful Scientist” is written by Corrado Ghinamo, who has an extensive background in astronomy, physics, and natural sciences. Ghinamo utilizes his knowledge of science to take a look at how science and faith actually work together to prove the existence of a Creator. Writing in a non-judgmental manner, the author discusses a variety of religious topics, ranging from Genesis to miracles, and explains how science could have been involved in the making of these events.

Even though the concepts are covered in a way that is easy to comprehend, each chapter has a conclusion to sum up the main ideas that are discussed. I found this very helpful in my reading of the text. I think that readers of different faiths will also appreciate that, while the author mentions his own deep beliefs in his faith, he also is accepting that other people have differing ideas. He presents his views in a very respectful, contemplative manner.

Corrado Ghinamo’s “The Beautiful Scientist” is not a large book, yet it manages to cover a wide range of beliefs and responds to each one with a great deal of depth. I was very impressed with the writing. The idea of there being a spiritual approach to science has been one of great importance to me. I have read many ‘Christian’ books that denounce science – some have even alluded to the presence of fossils as tools of the devil to mislead us. I have also read others that try to put you on a guilt trip for believing in science. All of those books have turned me off to religion. I have also spoken to scientists who scoff at the idea of a higher power. I was actually married to one for a while.  I also took a critical thinking class in college that was taught by two Physics professors, one was Christian and the other was an atheist. The end result for me was that there is a high power and that science does not take away from this belief. Reading “The Beautiful Scientist” further sealed my convictions.


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