World Hunting Adventures of a Life Time

Jerry Gillman
Outskirts Press (2014)
ISBN 9781478739869
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (02/15)

“World Hunting Adventures of a Life Time” by Jerry Gillman recounts the hunting experiences of the author as he searches for the great adventure of the outdoors and the biggest trophy throughout the world. I have mixed feelings about hunting, but must say that I liked how the author lets the reader peak into what he feels and takes out of each hunt shared in his book along with the logistics of each camp, and the overall hunting experience.  Like the time he spent hours watching four young bears interact with each other. The fact that he presents the reader with the rare thought of a hunter connecting and appreciating the live animal is very unique and necessary for people like me to see.

Not being a hunter myself, although I am a mean game cook, I found this book is not only a useful guide for hunters but also an inside look into a trophy hunter’s passion.  The author divided the different locations he traveled to into chapters which were also divided in sections. Each section seemed to recount a different hunting trip within the country or continent contained in the chapter. I found his decision to organize his adventures in the book by location instead of chronologically paid off, as it made the flow of the book very easy to follow taking the reader from North America, to world adventures, to Africa. The last chapter breaks this system, presenting smaller game hunts in different places. This didn’t bother the flow, but I am curious as a writer about the thought process of adding these hunts at the end.  In general Gillman’s voice and style is personal, simple and clear. His words are complemented with pictures not only of the animal hunted, but also of what captured him, like the tundra filled with blooming flowers, a beautiful sunset at camp, Caribou, ancient engravings in Africa, and a dog holding on to the only goose caught. The only thing I would have wanted to know from his adventures is what happened to the meat; which was not mentioned at all. 

"World Hunting Adventures of a Life Time” by Jerry Gillman is a close look at a man’s passion for sport hunting, the ultimate trophy, and the wild outdoors. It is a hunter’s heart shared in a well written book that will create a real picture about the hunting experience.

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