You’re Next

M.W. Gordon
Swift Creek Press (2013)
ISBN: 9780984872336
Reviewed by Daryn Watson for Reader Views (02/14)

M.W. Gordon’s book “You’re Next” is a mystery thriller which follows Macduff Brooks (a.k.a. Maxwell W. Hunt), a former University of Florida law professor. Due to a checkered and complex past, Macduff Brooks was placed into the witness protection program by the federal government.

Macduff’s girlfriend, Lucinda, loyally follows Macduff in his new life where he spends his spring and summer months as a fly fishing guide near Bozeman, Montana, and the winter months in Florida. Lucinda also has a bit of a complex past with her ex-husband, Robert Ellsworth-Kent, who was incarcerated in England. 

The story unravels while Brooks is guiding a fly fishing client.  A small boat floats close to them, with an imprisoned female local CIA agent aboard, who is encased in a wicker basket type of trap. A sign in front of the prisoner reads “You’re Next, Lucinda.” As the boat closes in on Macduff and his client, a bomb detonates, annihilating the prisoner and seriously wounding Macduff Brooks. 

The mystery continues from there as Brooks, who is temporarily blinded, and Lucinda embark on a journey of survival and discovery as to which of their past enemies is plotting to kill them. The incident has shaken their sense of safety and anonymity, but with the help of the CIA, Macduff and Lucinda begin to piece together just who is out for their heads. 

M.W. Gordon does a wonderful job in describing the landscape along the waters of the Montana wilderness. The constant sarcastic banter between Macduff and Lucinda is very entertaining, especially the status of their “engagement.” The book is very entertaining and there are many twists and turns to keep the reader interested. 

Myself being a non-fisherman, one thing I found challenging was trying to decipher the differences in fishing lines and the type of hooks that are used with fly fishing. Mr. Gordon does a great job in describing these items, which I feel would be common lingo for fishermen of all kinds. 

I enjoyed this book and I do recommend this book for readers who enjoy a good mystery and who can appreciate the experience of fishing in the outdoors.

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