The Complete Diabetes Guide for Type 2 Diabetes

Karen Graham, RD, CDE
Robert Rose (2013)
ISBN: 9780778804581

Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (12/13)

Karen Graham’s “The Complete Diabetes Guide for Type 2 Diabetes,” is appropriately named. Covering everything from explaining what exactly diabetes is to learning how to manage it at different life stages, I felt much more knowledgeable about this disease after reading this book. I also felt that it was easy to understand and it didn’t go over my head. There are tons of pictures and side notes that I personally enjoy reading, however, some people might find them distracting.

The author is a Registered Dietician and a Certified Diabetes Educator with many years of experience. In spite of her knowledge, I really respect that she had a large number of experts, including medical doctors, in the field of diabetes review her book. This adds a great deal of credibility to the information that she presents.

Personally, I do not have diabetes; however, because of a hereditary condition in my family, I am at risk for getting it. The author really impressed me by mentioning this condition called hemochromatosis. This is the first resource that I have seen that recognizes the connection between people who have this and diabetes. Again, she scored really big points with me. I also work with students who have disabilities, and many are dealing with disabilities related to diabetes. I have students that are blind from this disorder. I also have students on dialysis and others who either have received organ transplants or on the waiting list for them. Unfortunately, I have also had students and co-workers who have passed away because of diabetes.

For me, it is critical that I am educated about every aspect of this disease because I want to encourage those around me to adjust their lifestyles appropriately so that they can try to avoid the devastating effects that can occur when a proper lifestyle is not followed.  I truly believe that this comprehensive guide will make a difference in the lives of people who have diabetes and also for those who are dealing with these people.  I highly recommend Karen Graham’s “The Complete Diabetes Guide for Type 2 Diabetes” to anyone who has diabetes or knows someone with diabetes.


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