Reaper Two-Six: Year 6: Act of Redemption

Robert A. Grand
Reaper Two-Six Productions (2012)
ISBN 9780983824725

Reviewed by Michel Violante for Reader Views (1/13)

In “Reaper Two-Six: Year 6: Act of Redemption” by Robert A. Grand, the president has dismantled the Anti-Terrorist Group called Reaper Two-Six, which was financed by all of the biggest world powers. But the group’s number two on the chain of command recruited two of the top former members, “Professor” and “Doc,” to infiltrate Rafco (a Colombian terrorist group) and provide him with the intelligence needed to destroy it.  After months of being with Rafco, Professor and Doc are expected to prove their loyalty by helping them steal “Aurora” from Area 51. They did it, in order to keep their cover intact, but what they didn’t suspect was that they would put a start to Rafco’s plan to incapacitate the U.S. and, later on, the world.

The book begins with Doc and Professor jumping from a 727 into the night over Area 51 to steal the “Aurora,” so I was hooked immediately to the story. Robert A. Grand does a great job keeping the reader interested and craving for the next page throughout the book. His characters were well developed and the dialogues were real. I liked the premise of a man and woman isolated team working by themselves to save the U.S. And, although I did find the premise of the U.S. being attacked by terrorists a little repetitive due to all the same style stories and films out there, the “Reaper Two-Six: Year 6: Act of Redemption” did have a creative plot with a twist. Although this book is part of a series, it does stand alone, as I have not read any other books from the series and was able to follow and enjoy the story.

“Reaper Two-Six: Year 6: Act of Redemption” by Robert A. Grand is a fast-paced and action-driven story which will keep the reader turning pages. Grand creates an easy and entertaining read which would I recommend to all readers who enjoy the American hero saves the world type of story.

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