A Storm is Raging: Reality or Vision 2030 AD

Sharon A. Gricol
CreateSpace (2015)
ISBN 9781508735366
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (07/15)

Sharon Gricol combines an active imagination and the intrigue of international politics, with an avid awareness of current societal issues that are pointing toward a futuristic one world government. Add to this a keen knowledge of biblical prophecy, and a unique gift of storytelling and you will enjoy “A Storm is Raging: Reality or Vision 2030 AD.”

Gricol has taken on a complex plot that follows a timeline from today’s current headlines, congressional gridlock, mistrust of United Nations members, and insecurity based on fear; trends that are shaping our future, our freedom, and the very survival of our planet. She projects a scenario of events that cover the next fifteen years. She describes a new world order, and a promised plan of peace and prosperity; a plan based on media control, a Police Protection Unit (PPU) security force, a plan of Centralized Centers for Living, complete sexual freedom, and a plan of rejuvenation with centers for those who want to be recycled (returned to Mother earth).

Gricol’s amazing command of word choice and an incredible sensitivity when describing her protagonists; whether the curiosity level of young children, the protective nature of parenting, the probing mind of an intellectual seeking truth, the deep emotional feelings of individuals, or the evil nature and character of the antagonists.

The realization of the profound plausibility of these events materializing caused me to take a serious inward look. I was challenged by the question of how I would respond to the inevitable persecution and the possible martyrdom for maintaining Christian principles resulting from a personal commitment to follow Christ at all costs.

This is a book for anyone concerned for the future of our Nation, our freedom, and the future of the next generation. “A Storm is Raging: Reality or Vision 2030 AD” by Sharon A. Gricol is disturbing, thought provoking; prophetic, fantasy, or reality; it is a must read.