The Vibrations of Words

Ettore Grillo
Strategic Book Publishing (2012)
ISBN 9781618978691

Reviewed by Christine Watson for Reader Views (2/13)

Article first published as Book Review: The Vibrations of Words by Ettore Grillo on Blogcritics.

“The Vibrations of Words” by Ettore Grillo is a memoir of his Uncle Salvatore Grillo. Salvatore Grillo wanted to set some records straight and put his own story into words, and had his nephew, Ettore, write his memoir. This book covers many topics, including the family business, theatre, religion, philosophy and more.

Theatre was a very important part of Salvatore’s life. He transformed because he was a part of a theatre group and performed on stage. He was terrified to perform in public, but did it anyway and didn’t worry about the outcome. Salvatore used his experience of theatre to grow and develop his character.

Uncle Grillo had many nuggets of wisdom he passed on in this book. A quote from Salvatore that I really liked was, “What matters is the action, not the result.” Ettore was also moved by that statement.  Salvatore also learned that “nothing and nobody is worthless in our lives.” Everyone serves a purpose. Salvatore learned from “The Books of Secrets” by Osho to “…be myself, not to try to be different from who I am, and to be in the center of my being.” I was impressed with Salvatore’s desire to learn, which opened his heart and mind to all that was around him.

Salvatore was eager to learn as much as possible about many different religions. He visited many churches, studied religions, traveled the world and talked with a variety of people about their beliefs. He volunteered at the Osho Resort in Pune, translating books into Italian. It was a job he loved because he learned a great deal from the teachings in those books. Salvatore believes that his trip to Pune was destined due to receiving a small piece of paper from a stranger one day, leading him to Pune. He went through tremendous healing while he was there through the books he read and meditations he learned and practiced.

Salvatore Grillo’s life has been an amazing adventure filled with extraordinary successes and heartbreaking pain. It was interesting to learn about his life journey and what he learned along the way. I recommend “The Vibrations of Words” by Ettore Grillo to anyone looking to be inspired and enlightened. 

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