Identity Crisis

Jean Hackensmith
Inkwater Press (2014)
ISBN 9781629010755
Reviewed by Amy Marron-Starling for Reader Views (10/14)


I just have to say “Identity Crisis” by Jean Hackensmith is an excellent read! Ms. Hackensmith is very thorough in her descriptions, making feel like you are right there in the story. It's easy to see the characters with the words she uses and the emotions she describes! I have a very vivid mind and she painted an intriguing story in my mind! It is very engaging, fast paced, and emotional. I felt for the child, for the detective, and loved the way Koski was resilient and relentless in his pursuit of finding the child. At first I thought it was not going to mesh, incorporating the medium, however, the author made it plausible and seamlessly added mysticism into the mix. Katrina was very real and believable, not like some mediums portrayed in mystery books.

I did like that she incorporated multiple cases throughout the main plot. It made the private investigator side seem more real and showed real insight into the behind the scenes. Koski is a believable character; the grizzled misunderstood cop forced to be a knight in shining armor. Poor Lanaski, who seems like to have lost everything, but never gave up hope that his daughter was still out there. The Pattens, heck even I wanted to hunt them down out of rage and get even for Angela/Courtney - it was that engaging!

Ms. Hackensmith has done some excellent research, to be so knowledgeable and be able to expound on so many subjects in just one book. Everything from mediums, health care privacy, police procedures, private investigators, and dog training. It was a highly educational and entertaining to read, even though it is fictional for the most part. It is definitely geared more towards adults, with adult situations and very delicate situations that children should never have to read or go through in life.

“Identity Crisis” by Jean Hackensmith is an excellent read. It was gripping, fast paced, and intense. It will keep you glued to the pages and wanting more. I cannot wait for her next book to come out to see how Brian Koski goes about solving more crimes!


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