Alexander Hamilton
Outskirts Press (2013)
ISBN: 9781478713487
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (12/13)


“Floaters” by Alexander Hamilton begins shortly after a meteorite hits the earth, and the human population is experiencing a rash of ‘floaters’ in their eyes. Determining that the meteorite introduced an alien bacteria into our atmosphere, the situation becomes dire when the floaters begin causing violent hallucinations and blindness.  When it is discovered that this is happening all over the world, countries begin accusing each other of acts of terrorism; wars begin. In the United States, people begin attacking each other. Some people are trying to survive, others are reacting to the hallucinations. The ‘floaters’ do not bring out the best in those heavily affected.

Small factions of people band together to try to survive. Some are friends, some co-workers and some are family members. As those most seriously affected completely lose their vision, their caretakers have to work double to try to overcome the attacks by others, and to gather enough supplies to avoid freezing and starvation.  As time progresses, it becomes apparent that an alien race is involved with the attacks and that they have used the virus to weaken the planet before they fully invade. Having few resources left with which they can defend themselves, the situation appears hopeless.  However, until the planet is destroyed, there is still hope for the survivors.

“Floaters” by Alexander Hamilton is definitely one of those stories that has you looking closer at your own vision as you are reading. The author has taken something that many of us experience, and turned it into something else. This book stands out among the apocalyptic stories that are currently popular today because it is taking a common occurrence and twisting it into something horrible that might lead to the destruction of not only mankind but of the entire planet. The characters are very realistic and I found the evil ones to be intriguing. As most people are trying to hang on to their humanity, the bad people have nothing within them to try to redeem themselves, they just join the wave of those committed to adding to the chaos of the attacks.  I recommend this novel to readers who enjoy burying themselves in science fiction stories that leave them thrilled to be able to escape back to reality.

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