The Complete Migraine Health, Diet Guide & Cookbook

Susan Hannah, BA BScH
Robert Rose, Inc. (2013)
ISBN: 9780778804543
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (7/14)

I have to admit that at first glance of “The Complete Migraine Health, Diet Guide & Cookbook by Susan Hannah, I was immediately drawn to the section on recipes! Offering 150+ recipes really piqued my interest. When given dietary restrictions or recommendations for health related reasons, it is nice to see a huge selection of recipes for which one can use. It certainly makes it a lot easier to get started. To my surprise the recipes look delicious and don’t appear to be too restrictive. Many of the recipes have quinoa in them which is delicious.    

I do not get migraines. I chose to read this book because I am surrounded by people whose lives are severely affected by them. I wanted to learn more about them and make sure that I wasn’t doing anything to contribute to their cause.  What I didn’t realize is that this book also covers information on tension and cluster headaches. I always thought that I do occasionally experience undiagnosed tension headaches, however, upon further reading it appears that I am actually having cluster headaches. It is good to know that there is a lot of information in there that I can use on myself.

The book is organized into four sections. The first section covers gaining an understanding of the three types of headaches and gives a lot of information on how they are triggered and diagnosed. The second section covers how to manage those headaches. This includes information on lifestyle changes, medications, and a variety of medical treatments.  The third part provides information on a Low-Histamine diet program. This information was completely new to me and very interesting.  The fourth section covers those wonderful recipes! I cannot wait to try them, and I look forward in sharing meals with my friends that will not contribute to their migraines. 

“The Complete Migraine Health, Diet Guide & Cookbook,” by Susan Hannah provides a great deal of information which will both educate and encourage primary headache sufferers to take charge of their health so that they can improve the quality of their lives.

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