Marketing Power for Financial Advisors

Bob Hanson and Shirley Hanson
Authorhouse (2014)
ISBN 9781496931788
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (12/14)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Marketing Power for Financial Advisors’ by Bob Hanson & Shirley Hanson on Blogcritics.

“Marketing Power for Financial Advisors” by Bob Hanson and Shirley Hanson presents marketing basics adapted for financial advisors.  Its presentation is short and sweet, simple to read and understand through case studies, definitions, and simple examples through quotes making statements visual to financial advisors not proficient in marketing.  Hanson and Hanson base their program on what they call the 3P’s of growth: Planning, Packaging, and Promoting.

The book begins by introducing the general aspects of the 3 P’s first and goes into detail on each aspect later on. I particularly enjoyed visualizing tools through the stories of different individuals, especially the elevator story where the question of “Who are you?” showed how the answer could open a door or close it. The moral of the story to me was that in marketing all questions encountered are an opportunity to pitch your own story, and thus market yourself. “Marketing Power for Financial Advisors” is definitely an easy guide to be read more than once to let the marketing concepts brew in. This way the financial advisor can recognize their own strategy and niche in everyday life and jump at the opportunity to generate new long lasting relationships which in turn produce growth.

Overall, “Marketing Power for Financial Advisors” by Bob Hanson and Shirley Hanson is an excellent marketing tool to get financial advisors started.  Furthermore, as a marketer in a different industry myself, I recommend it as a must read for all professionals looking to understand the basics of the art of marketing themselves as professionals or a brand. It is the perfect guide to get a jump start on anyone’s practice even though it focuses on financial advisors.  At only 106 pages, this is a great, fast read filled with useful marketing knowledge! 

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