Christian Controversies: Seeking the Truth

Scott S. Haraburda, PhD
Meaningful Publications  (2013) 
ISBN: 9780988607217
Reviewed by Janet Reeves for Reader View (02/14) 

“Even good Christian leaders find it hard to continually follow Jesus in everything they do.”
I like the quotes that Scott Haraburda uses in “Christian Controversies.” Haraburda says “In the wise words of Tiberius, a good shepherd sheers his sheep, he doesn’t flay them.”  Haraburda references the teachings of Jesus, such as leading with compassion as in the story of the “Good Samaritan.” He also compares today’s Christian leaders to the Christian leaders back in Jesus’ day. Today’s leaders lack responsiveness to the people’s needs, the same as what happened to the fallen traveler by the leaders in the story. On the other hand the Good Samaritan helped the traveler by showing an exemplary example of compassion as the parable goes.

This book takes an in-depth look at the history of the bible and the practical teachings that Jesus provided as an example to live by, such as honesty, integrity, respect and honor. Over time the lessons have been translated by many denominations to fit their own beliefs and sometimes to dishonorably gain power over people. 

Have you ever said “I wish I had an instruction manual to…?” (A task that you deemed too difficult based on your own wisdom?) Scott Haraburda explains that some very practical lessons taught by Jesus on the essential qualities that make a great leader is already in a manual called the bible. 

Haraburda’s combines his own leadership experience, gained while coming up in the ranks as a respected Colonel, with the simple messages in the ‘good book’. I see where he is going with his book! Here lies a man’s unique experience and his intent to deliver a message sure to inspire any leader as they open their minds and go a little deeper into history and the bible.

This author has done his research and uses many credited references to express his beliefs in the value of leading others through practical Christian beliefs.  I would describe Haraburda’s approach to leadership to be spiritual in nature and very wise. Do not let the references deter you from this extraordinary approach! 

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