The Infinity Program

Richard H. Hardy
Camel Press (2014)
ISBN 9781603819336
Reviewed by Jennifer Hass for Reader Views (3/14)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘The Infinity Program’ by Richard H. Hardy on Blogcritics.

In “The Infinity Program” by Richard H. Hardy, Jon Graeme is the new guy at HTPS Industries working as a technical writer.  Jon has an early encounter with Harry Sale near the shuttle bus saving a kitten, and takes an immediate liking to this Harry guy, who later proves to be one of the hardest people to work with and get along with at HTPS Industries. They quickly form an odd friendship and the managers at HTPS soon lean on Jon as their go-to guy when it comes to dealing with Harry. 

Harry is a genius programmer who finds himself in trouble and becomes suspended from his job. Harry has invented a new system that could make the company millions and Jon takes it upon himself to help Harry out, pulling their odd friendship even closer together.  Ultimately Jon sticks his neck out for Harry in ways that could cost him his own job and possibly his life. 

This book is a high technology science fiction story and it was surprisingly easy for me to follow.  I am not a high tech kind of girl, yet I was able to move right along with the story for the most part, even lacking the knowledge behind computers and programming. The main character Jon was not totally familiar with the programming lingo either, so as dialog with him progressed, I was able to learn what I needed to know and never once did I feel overwhelmed with jargon. 

Hardy is clearly a master of his craft and now that he is retired, putting all that talent into a novel is well, brilliant. When it comes right down to it, I was highly impressed with the storyline and the way everything played out. With ups and downs, a touch of romance, and a bunch of pig headed supporting characters, “The Infinity Program” by Richard H. Hardy is sure to please the high tech science fiction readers as well as the readers who are not so technically savvy.  In general, this novel was absolutely fantastic!  I am more than ready to see what Hardy comes up with next. 5 stars!

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