Good to Her

Enid Harlow
Strategic Book Publishing (2013)
ISBN 9781625163981

Reviewed by Janet Reeves for Reader Views (6/13)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Good to Her’ by Enid Harlow on Blogcritics

I really, really enjoyed reading “Good to Her” by Enid Harlow! I found myself trying to squeeze in a few more pages here and there so I could get back into the story; I wanted to know what was happening. It felt like I was watching a love story, the kind of movie when you have to pause, then you hurry with excitement to get back to.

The book started out slow for me for some reason. Then I started to fall in love with the characters. I loved that Nate knew when he laid eyes on Sally that he wanted to be with her. He was so careful to handle each encounter with Sally methodically and loving at the same time. He showed his strengths, his character and his weaknesses all at the same time. He wanted to give her everything she deserved.

Nate and Sally both had their secrets that they never shared with one another, but so desperately wanted to. You could feel they both loved one another from their own place yet allowed the other to be exactly who they needed to be. I found that made this love story unique because you knew what each one was holding back yet giving all they had to one another.

This was truly a love story that did not have the happy ending as most stories go, but what you knew throughout the book was resolved in the ending. I love that Nate and Sally both got what they needed at the end. I really wanted this book to not end! I am not really ready to start a new book because I want to take this one in.

In “Good to Her” by Enid Harlow, the writer gave great meaning to the tragic events these two characters experienced at a young and innocent age. Those negative imprints dictated how deeply Sally and Nate could outwardly express, but in spite of the tragic events they both managed to love one another fully. What a great story. I loved the time in history the story took place and the events were interwoven so you could really imagine yourself there. Now that’s what I want from a great read! Go Enid Harlow!

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