Somewhere in a Town You Never Knew Existed Somewhere

Nina Hart
Sunder Press (2014)
ISBN 9780990539407
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (02/15)

 “Somewhere in a Town You Never Knew Existed Somewhere” by Nina is a short book of short stories. Each tale is unique, and some are connected to each other. Most of the stories range from one page to two in length. In spite of the brevity, I found myself affected by many of the tales. Some were eerily surreal. Descriptive phrases like, “their knees quivering like tinkering piano keys,” managed to incorporate more than one of my senses. I felt like I could see and hear what was happening.

Describing a witch as having, “green skin that cracked and peeled like a molting snake…” invoked revulsion. I enjoyed the author’s ability to wake up my senses and make me feel physically affected by her descriptions. She also catches her readers off guard by twisting some of the tales around so you have to stop and reread a part to seek out the deeper meaning. Some of the topics are about societal taboos, and she addresses them in a way that is unsettling. The use of satire is very apparent.

I highly recommend reading “Somewhere in a Town You Never Knew Existed Somewhere,” an unusual little book by Nina Hart. I think that it would be a great read for reader’s groups because people will have interesting perspectives to offer on how they perceive each story. It will definitely make for some interesting conversations!

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