The Science of the Quran: Proving the Existence of the Supreme Being through Profound Modern Science

Ahmad Hassan
Lido Horizons Publishing (2012)
ISBN 9780615499840

Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (11/12)

Article first published as Book Review: The Science of the Quran: Proving the Existence of the Supreme Being through Profound Modern Science by Ahmad Hassan on Blogcritics.

Initially I found the idea of reading a book about the connection between science and the Quran to be intimidating, especially since it is written by an Iraqi-American electrical engineer.  Having very little knowledge of the Quran and a little more of science, I was intrigued, however, still concerned that it would be written beyond my level of comprehension. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I was totally incorrect. Ahmad Hassan has written “The Science of the Quran,” in a manner that can be appreciated and understood by both beginners and experts.

He begins the book by providing a basic understanding of what the Quran is about, and how it evolved historically. He also gives an in-depth discussion about the prophets of the time, especially the Last Prophet Muhammad.  He allows for some comparisons between the Christian Bible and prophets, however, he does not try to change one’s beliefs, he just uses the information to strengthen the discussion.  It really helped me relate my historical Christian knowledge to what was happening at the time.  I felt that his discussion was respectfully neutral.  

After explaining the Quran and the history behind it, Hassan then begins a basic discussion about scientific principles and how they are mentioned in the Quran.  He discusses a wide variety of over thirty scientific topics and relates them to verses in the Quran. Believing the Quran to be created directly from revelations directly from God to Muhammad, over 1,400 years ago, Hassan believes that this proves that a Supreme Being exists.  

Personally, I found “The Science of the Quran” to be a fascinating, well-written book.  It gave me a greater appreciation and understanding of my friends who follow the teachings of the Quran. I also truly enjoyed seeing the connection between the verses presented in the Quran and the beliefs of modern science.  I felt that some of the comparisons seemed to be more valid than others.  Overall, I was definitely fascinated. The author does not have to rely on blind faith to know that there is a higher power.

I feel that “The Science of the Quran” by Ahmad Hassan is an excellent resource for people of various backgrounds who have an interest in understanding the Quran.  The connection between the verses that were written well before we truly understood science and modern science as we know it today presents a wealth of support for a belief in a Supreme Being.  Considering the political climate that we are facing today, I think it is extremely important for individuals to gain an understanding of a religion that they might know nothing about.  “The Science of the Quran” is a great resource with which to begin.  People who already follow the Quran will find this book very interesting and enjoy gaining a greater understanding of how science is linked to their spiritual text.

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