The Demon’s Wife

Rick Hautala
JournalStone (2013)
ISBN: 9781936564958
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (11/13)


Rick Hautala’s novel “The Demon’s Wife” starts off with Claire, who is living a mediocre life. Bored with her job as a purchasing agent for a local chemical company, and lacking a social life, she feels a strong sense of “sensory deprivation.” This all changes, one night, while she is out with her roommate. When Samael walks into their bar, she feels her senses go on overload because she is really attracted to him. She is pleased to see that her interest is returned. When they part ways, he promises to see her again. Shortly after Claire leaves the bar, she is attacked by a stranger. Samael steps in and helps her. In doing so, he enters her world.

While Claire is very attracted to Samael, she notices that some things don’t seem right. When she discovers that he is a demon, she is really surprised. But it is too late as she is already in love with him. She has truly found the ultimate “Bad Boy.” So she marries him. In doing so she has to learn to adapt to the differences between demons and humans. After all, there are reasons why they go to hell in the first place, and a perfect demonic life is not possible. Samael also begins to realize that perhaps the path he chose is not the best one, so he begins to make changes. These changes are noted by the demonic underworld and are not appreciated. Samael and Claire find themselves having to overcome the obstacles placed in their path in order to survive and succeed in their relationship.

Rick Hautala’s “The Demon’s Wife” is a fun, creatively written novel.  I enjoyed reading the intensely erotic scenes; especially because the characters had to do things a bit different than if they were a human couple. I also liked the dark humor. This novel does an excellent job of balancing romance and horror. I think that women’s reader groups would love to get their hands on this one.


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