Sessions I: Short Stories from an Erotic Mind

Jay D. Heart
Outskirts Press (2014)
ISBN 9781478733522
Reviewed by Jennifer Hass for Reader Views (1/15)

“Sessions I: Short Stories from an Erotic Mind” by Jay D. Heart is a collection of several short erotic stories that blew my mind. Each story has a different scenario and over the course of just a few pages, produced some serious heat. I am all about a good erotic read. The stories in “Sessions I” were long enough to get right to the point and arouse the senses but also short enough to be a tease. I always say nobody likes a tease….but in this case…

“Sessions I” is very sensual. The stories range from a naughty teacher/student encounter, sexy police officer, a threesome, and what even seemed like a secret lover or mistress situation where the names of characters were not disclosed. It did not take me very long to finish this book.

I also like to entertain myself further with erotic stories and see how many different ways an author can name a man or woman’s genitals. I often find it funny and also clever as there just could be so many different ways to name them…like wet box and shaved treasure.

Overall, I enjoyed “Sessions I: Short Stories from an Erotic Mind” by Jay D. Heart. I would recommend this book to naughty girls who want a quick, dirty read. Good for the bedside table or close to that “fun box” that holds all the toys. I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

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