The Beaded Kingdom

Renée Heiss
Character Publishing (2014)
ISBN 9780989079716
Reviewed by Maria Juliana Belloso for Reader Views (03/15)

I was very curious about “The Beaded Kingdom” by Renée Heiss as a big self-help fan, mainly for how simple it looked, but I found a truly profound concept. The book begins by establishing some definitions and parameters of one basic principle, which is how thoughts control actions and thus people lives. To understand this fact is important because the foundation of changing for the better, according to this book, is to change the thought patterns we have created in our life. To make it simple to understand, Heiss uses a metaphor by calling our mind a kingdom. I loved this because if our mind is a kingdom than we are the king or queen who rules over the kingdom. If you rule over your kingdom, than changing the thought process becomes a matter of just deciding to do so. I found this to be so empowering!  The book continues by showing the reader how our thoughts and actions are linked to the quality of the life we will live. This is where a metaphor again makes it simple to understand, as Heiss compares these links to the ones of a beaded necklace or chain.  I am not going to go into any more detail about the book, so you will have to check it out for yourself!

I did find Heiss’ writing style to be very reader friendly and easy to follow. His choice of words and book formatting makes “The Beaded Kingdom” perfect for younger crowds as well as adults who enjoy simple reads. The illustrations within the book makes his concept come alive within the mind of the reader, making it even easier to visualize and follow this guide.  The fact that Heiss made it interactive through the questions at the end of each chapter makes this book a practical manual for the reader to begin their path to a better life right away.

“The Beaded Kingdom” by Renée Heiss is a well written, interactive, and easy to follow guide to a better life for teens, young adults, and older crowds as well. I definitely recommend it as a five star self-help book to all who are in pursuit of positive change in their lives!

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