Killing Ideas: You can kill an idea, you can't kill an opportunity!

Pam Henderson, Ph.D.
NewEdge, Inc. (2013)
ISBN 9780988984103

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (6/13)

Article first published as Book Review: Killing Ideas: You can Kill an Idea, You Can’t Kill an Opportunity! – by Pam Henderson on Blogcritics.

“Killing Ideas: You can kill an idea, you can't kill an opportunity!” combines the growth strategy, technologies and market insight that the CEO of NewEdge, Inc., author Pam Henderson, Ph.D., is recognized for. The pages are filled with incredible models that spawn motivation and action that opens doors for exploring opportunity.

Henderson begins with the premise that ideas alone do not always produce their expected results and that killing ideas is the starting place for growth by replacing ideas with the pursuit of opportunity as the first step toward success. An ever-growing world population provides an endless potential for creative change, and new innovation.

An easy-to-read format takes the reader on a fast-paced look into history as well as a projection into the future. Pam Henderson’s writing is engaging, entertaining, instructional, and stimulating. The extensive use of superlatives results in a contagious element subconsciously creating a larger vision and motivation in the reader’s mind, assisting in assimilation and motivating action.

The eye-catching graphics and Power Point style presentation add a unique quality to the narrative that reinforces the assimilation and application of the concepts.

Richard Merritt, illustrator, powerfully provides the reader with a visual impact that lingers long after the  pages are read and the covers closed, encouraging a frequent re-visit to the book which has been made readily available on a handy reference shelf nearby.

“Killing Ideas: You can kill an idea, you can't kill an opportunity!” by Pam Henderson, Ph.D., should be required reading for students taking business, marketing, or sales classes, and for everyone involved in a manufacturing or processing business. This is a book for innovative leaders in today’s complex economy who recognize the importance of exploring opportunity first. Dr. Henderson challenges the critical and logical thinker and the intellectually curious with new perspectives and challenges through creative exploration.

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