In Search of God and the Ten Commandments

Sue A. Hoffman
Sue A. Hoffman (2014)
ISBN 9780615960296
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (11/14)

“In Search of God and the Ten Commandments” by Sue A. Hoffman was written in response to an article in a June issue of World Magazine that captured her attention. The article featured a story and accompanying picture of a huge Ten Commandments monolith and detailed a court case in Elkhart, Indiana. The monolith, which was on public property, detailed a law suit based on the fact that a claimant was offended and that the exhibit was religious in nature and should be removed. 

Hoffman relates the experience and how she was suddenly overcome with a vision and a powerful conviction that she was to trace the history and location of these monoliths. She felt compelled to preserve this history and to complete the project as a tribute and heritage for her family and her grandchildren.  Her research traces the history back to October 1954 when the Chicago’s Youth Guidance Commission was presented a granite replica of the Ten Commandments. This replica was placed in a public park and is pictured in the early pages of the book.

“In Search of God and the Ten Commandments” is a unique and staggering undertaking. Sue Hoffman has spent thirteen years on this project. In the process of her search she discovered that there are approximately 200 of the monoliths or replicas of these Old Testament tablets. She has accumulated, compiled, and cataloged hundreds of photos, documents and stories of these Ten Commandment Monoliths. I enjoyed the photo galleries depicting the various sizes, shapes, fonts, materials used, and locations of the numerous monoliths.

I became intrigued with Hoffman’s research and the thoroughness of her efforts. The stories are compelling. I enjoyed the photo comparisons illustrating the differences in the Ten Commandment monoliths, the print fonts, material used, and the various sizes available.

Dozens of pictures show responsible community leaders and government officials dedicating monoliths in prominent locations within their communities to remind its citizens of the core values on which our country was founded. 

 “In Search of God and the Ten Commandments” by Sue A. Hoffman should be in the library of every public school and church libraries, across America to help insure future generations to not lose sight of the Ten Commandments monoliths as symbols of our religious and ethical heritage


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