The Dark Side of Child Protection Services: Are You a Victim?

Eric Hundley
Outskirts Press (2014)
ISBN 9781478733324
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (12/14)

Eric Hundley, a seasoned investigator in the field of Child Protective Services, recognizes the importance of a system to process cases to utilize time efficiently for good case management. His book, “The Dark Side of Child Protection Services: Are You a Victim?” describes his system. He introduces a broad range of topics including the role of the case manager, the use of subjectivity in practice, and the importance of understanding the historical background of the field of Child Protective Services. He includes topics of methodology, employee motivation, burnout, and a dysfunctional work setting. He also discusses external disparity in the workplace, the internal environment, and organizational discrimination. These basic concepts are often overlooked or misunderstood.

Hundley illustrates his research, conclusions, and system with true stories and real world scenarios from his own experiences in the field of Child Protective Services. His writing style addresses a target audience that will be familiar with the problems discussed and will be appreciative of the applications suggested through his chapter “Ending Activities.”

Charts, graphs, and helpful lists aid the reader in assimilating the material of the text. Another important resource is the list of the basic components of the ERCICA (Electronic Record Intelligence Case Assessment Tool) he created. A comprehensive resource list for further reference, reading, and study adds practicality to Hundley’s research and conclusions. He details cost comparisons and savings the government could experience if they were to adapt the ERCICA. The case is well presented and thought provoking.

Hundley’s relates his own experience as a victim of the agency’s organizational discrimination tactics as a targeted individual. Readers are invited to evaluate their own experience and circumstances of employment. He goes on to provide step by step assistance in seeking reparations for those who feel they have been wronged by differential treatment, or through discrimination in employment practices.

“The Dark Side of Child Protection Services: Are You a Victim?” by Eric Hundley is a valuable asset for anyone genuinely desirous of “improving performance, while reducing stress, and increasing job satisfaction,” or who needs an advocate as a victim of wrongful employment practices

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