Your Soul Was Made for Mine

C.L. Hunter
Winding Road Publishing, LLC (2015)
ISBN 9780996674508
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (11/15)

“Your Soul Was Made for Mine” is a steamy romantic tale by C.L. Hunter.  Devastated by the loss of her husband, Emmalyn is initially surprised when she receives a letter from Nolan, an enigmatic wealthy man with whom her husband was doing business in Ireland when he died. Initially she is distressed to hear from him, but then she finds their letter exchange to be very healing. Nolan has a dark past that has influenced his current relationships. As his friendship with Emmalyn grows, they discover that they can help heal each other. Emmalyn also sees first hand, that Nolan’s claims to be visited by a fairy are very true. This magical being plays a huge role in their healing and helps get them through some dangerous events.       

When Nolan brings Emmalyn into his world, he introduces her to a lavish lifestyle and erotic interludes that go beyond anything she has ever experienced. She also gains an understanding about why it is okay to let go of her grief for her husband and move on with a man who is completely enraptured by her. They take off to some very exotic parts of the world, yet it really doesn’t matter where they are because their attraction for each other is so intense.

"Your Soul Was Made for Mine" by C.L. Hunter totally captivated my attention. The author brings in some very unique characters and helps develop them so that the reader will enjoy watching them evolve as they heal. The extra drama that comes into play makes the story even more compelling. I loved how the initially formal and reserved protagonists learn to let go and delve into some extremely erotic adventures with each other. Adding this to the dangerous elements that appear make this a very captivating novel!

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