How to Grow Hard Strong Long Fingernails

Todd Ivey Senior
Outskirts Press (2014)
ISBN 9781478741930
Reviewed by Christine Watson for Reader Views (11/14)

“How to Grown Hard Strong Long Fingernails” by Todd Ivey Senior has some valuable information about nail care, and how to grown and have long, healthy fingernails. It is obvious that the author has taken his time to do plenty of good research on the topic of healthy fingernails, which adds a great deal of value to this short book. 

The author shares his struggles with his own nails, an issue to which many people can relate. He went through serious health issues and lost his ability to grow long, healthy nails. By doing extensive research on nail products he used, he learned what was good for his nails, and what was adding to the problem of weak, thin, brittle nails. Once he changed his products and habits, and applied his “secret” he was able to grow very strong, long fingernails. 

I recommend “How to Grow Hard Strong Long Fingernails” by Todd Ivey Senior to anyone interested in learning how to grow long healthy nails. I learned a great deal about the products created for our nails, and learned what products to use as well as which ones to avoid.

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