An Unclouded Day

Holly James
Outskirts Press (2013)
ISBN: 9781478701613
Reviewed by Taylor Whalen for Reader Views (12/13)


Holly James is… wow. Her book “An Unclouded Day” is truly a breath of fresh air for me. Whether or not you believe in God or reincarnation, whether or not you are happy or sad, open or closed, content or searching, this book is a beautiful testimonial. I hope no one thinks that it is ‘preachy’ because I truly believe that Holly James is just trying to show everyone a bit of peace in their own lives. I would almost say that this book is a self-help book, but I cannot as the voice of the author permeates each page.

Following the story of such a courageous woman who has had to undergo incredible challenges throughout her life, this book can open up your mind and really hit home the message, ‘you are the artist of your own life’ and it is all about your attitude and the choices you start making now.

Everyone struggles with dealing with all the anxieties and pressures throughout their lives. There is always something that has our attention, something that can potentially draw us further away from our peaceful center. I have been struggling with this especially recently, and this book is the first peaceful approach I have ever encountered that has actually made sense to me – because the author has allowed me to make her message my own.

I truly loved Holly James’ “An Unclouded Day” and would recommend it to anyone, old or young, happy or sad, content or still searching. It is truly a living book, a woman who was so courageous that she put her life experiences and knowledge in your hands and she lets you learn through her own healing process. I want to find her and hug her and listen to her, and I have never experienced this with a book before. 5 stars and truly worth every one.

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