selling energy

Mark Jewell
Energy Efficiency Funding Group (2014)
ISBN 9781941991008
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (12/14)

Having worked for many years designing and implementing systems and procedures to improve administrative efficiency and productivity in different industries, including the energy industry when working for a big construction company that installed oil and gas pipelines for the government owned PDVSA in Venezuela, I was very interested in the concept of efficiency presented in “Selling Energy” by Mark Jewell. The book begins by presenting an interesting point on different selling angles about selling an efficient project to a prospect by providing an energy efficiency upgrade to a corporation’s office building. In short, Jewell makes his point that it is not all about saving the environment, but about saving money and improving productivity, when trying to sell energy efficiency. 

Jewell did an amazing job creating a simple but thought-inducing guide for a growing audience, as today’s energy efficiency is one of the most relevant topics in all industries. He raises the question of why a company would invest in being energy efficient in the beginning. He continues questioning the approach of the sales presentation and its tools, and how to deal with different type of buyers as each one will have different interests, needs, and values that will influence their decision. Finally, what I found most impressive about this book is how Jewell tackled a business topic guide by encouraging and motivating growth and accomplishment to the reader on a personal level. 

I also found Jewell’s writing style to be easy to read and interesting. It actually kept my attention from start to finish as I found it enriching to me, even though I’m not in the efficiency sales business. The writing was perfect, and the hard cover and book quality in general was of top quality as well. I am positive that Jewell’s book will enrich his readers’ library as a guide that they can go back to over and over when preparing a sales presentation.

“Selling Energy” by Mark Jewell is the perfect guide for a sales force proposing energy efficiency, as well as other types of industries as the tactics and philosophy presented in it could be applied, in my opinion, when approaching a customer prospect for a project in any industry. A must read five star guide for energy efficiency.

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