Secession - A New Beginning

Gordon Johnston
Tate Publishing (2014)
ISBN 9781631857515
Reviewed by William Phenn for Reader Views (06/14)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Secession – A New Beginning’ by Gordon Johnston on Blogcritics.

I must say. ”This one is definitely a Must Read”.  From the first page to the last, it not only kept my attention but demanded that I not take my eyes off for a minute, for fear I might miss something.

After reading “Secession – A New Beginning” by Gordon Johnston, you will not look at our government’s actions in the same light; you might even decide to question some of our illustrious law makers as to what they are doing for you while in office!

“Secession” is about a group of radical politicians that want to dominate the world, they want to control everyone on the planet and those that do not conform, are eliminated. Scary to say the least but this fiction book is so close to reality that it scared the hell out of me! They encourage unrest between the Arabs and Jews, they boost rumors around the country that our currency is in dire straits, they push for a “one world order” with one world currency (like the Bitcoin), convincing the whole world that they need this currency to stabilize the world economic market and evolve into a better world.

The terrorist’s plans seem to be working, things are going as planned, and they have infiltrated the highest executive office in the United States. But what they are unaware of is a small band of patriotic American soldiers commanded by a Colonel named McCormick, the Commander of an Army black operations commando team called S.H.A.D.O.W. The Colonel knew that if he got caught he faced certain branding as a traitor. 

This book is daring, well researched and totally believable. The author has done a thorough job on the subjects he writes about and that is what makes it so scary, the fact that what Mr. Johnston suggests in his book; is actually taking place as we sit here. Wake up America!

I have reviewed many books this year but “Secession – A New Beginning” by Gordon Johnston has got to be by far the best!  I gave it an A in my tight grading scale and although the 497 pages made it a bit lengthy and it could use some editing (my copy was still in its manuscript stage), I think it is a well written novel that will appeal to anyone who likes a good story. Mission Impossible, Ian Fleming, take a seat in the back, Gordon Johnston and “Secession” have arrived!

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