The SHIVA Syndrome

Alan Joshua
Champagne Books (2015)
ISBN 9781771551311
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (11/15)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘The SHIVA Syndrome’ by Alan Joshua on Blogcritics.

“The SHIVA Syndrome” by Alan Joshua opens inside a secret mind research laboratory in Podol’sk, Russia. When a key experiment suddenly goes awry, the lab explodes, obliterating everything in a one-mile radius, consuming thousands of lives and everything else in its wake in mere seconds; an enormous black crater of total darkness, the only remnants of the disaster.

Dr. Beau Walker, a parapsychologist turned college professor, is pressured into joining the research team that will investigate the event.  There’s trouble from the start when Walker finds out the coercion is coming from Dr. Burt Grimes, a former colleague personally responsible for ending Walker’s career and credibility as a research scientist.  Not everything is as it seems, as Dr. Walker and the rest of the SHIVA team must push past individual intellectual and spiritual biases, political and military resistance, and other obstacles in the search for answers.

Mythology, spirituality, science, politics, genetics, mind-control, military action, paranormal human activity -there is so much going on in this book! I was absolutely captivated from beginning to end, and by captivated, I mean held hostage, as my life was literally put on hold until I finished reading.  Not a fast or easy read by any stretch of the imagination, I’m so glad it was a rainy weekend or I might have felt guilty – maybe. 

The writing is impeccable. Theories and facts are well researched and explained with great attention to detail, and straightforward enough for the non-scientific mind.  The characters are authentic, well defined and persuasive in their roles.  The pace was fast-moving, the plot suspenseful and invigorating.  Alan Joshua breathes new life into the sometimes predictable genre of science-fiction. Actually, he doesn’t stop there as the story seems to span across many genres, from sci-fi to fantasy to mystery/thriller, action and adventure, and a small (minute) dose of romance for good measure!

I highly recommend “The SHIVA Syndrome” by Alan Joshua for enthusiasts of all genres, as there is definitely something for everyone in this fascinating story!

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