murder she floats

Stephen Kaminski
Cozy Cat Press (2014)
ISBN 9781939816498
Reviewed by Michel Violante for Reader Views (12/14)

In “Murder, She Floats” by Stephen Kaminski everything starts when Damon Lassard embarks on Vitamin Of The Seas, a seven day Caribbean cruise leaving from Miami’s port with his mother Lynne during the New Year’s celebration. During their first dinner in the Pelican Room they meet Houston Drummiller, his wife Kitty, son Miles and wife Philippa, Philippa’s daughter, Miles sister Amanda, and Houston’s God child with wife at their table; definitely a wealthy family. The next early morning after arriving at Nassau, Damon was jogging around the boat when he noticed a group of people gathering at the ship’s rear on the starboard side. They were pulling a dead body up which looked very much like Philippa. At the same time the Nassau police came aboard and involved Damon in the investigation as a witness since he had recognized the body. During Philippa’s room search, the police found a suicide note, but because it was in the drawer of the night table under the Bible, Damon did not believe it was a suicide.

Kaminski not only gives the reader just another murder mystery, he actually takes the reader in a fun, and even humoristic cruise adventure. He does a great job hooking the reader as they wonder “who did it.” In fact I tried to guess throughout the book. Kaminski also keeps it light injecting humor through character development and complicated relationships. Furthermore, Damon’s personality and interaction with his mother gave a personal take as the amateur detective wannabe gets involved in solving the case. Kaminski’s writing was also impeccable. The story had the right pace and flow and the plot and characters kept my interest from start to finish. 

“Murder, She Floats” by Stephen Kaminski, in my opinion, is a light, fun and entertaining murder mystery which will hook any fan of the board game Clue. I am certain Kaminski will grow his fan base with this third book of the Damon Lassard series and give this a five star rating, as I wait for the next one.

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