Morning Light

Holland Kane
Rumor House Books (2013)
ISBN 9780985829339
Reviewed by April Sullivan for Reader Views (10/13)

“Morning Light” by Holland Kane tells the story of 24 year old dancer Emily as she struggles through a rough portion of her life. She is married to Rick, who loves her in the best way he knows how while still trying to stay true to his Catholic faith. Rick's strong views on birth control cause him to declare a position of abstinence until Emily agrees to stop using birth control. She is not ready to start a family at her young age and at this stage in her dance career. 

On top of this, Emily is preparing for the biggest dance of her life while also struggling with her best friend's deadly cancer and the fact that she will become the guardian of her friend's teenage son David. The plot thickens when David becomes her lover, and Emily’s life spins out of control. David is seventeen at the time of their affair. He has all the stupidity, confidence, and lust of a typical young man on the cusp of adulthood. He butts heads with the authority at the Catholic school he attends and tests their boundaries as he works on the school play. He toys with Emily's emotions, not realizing the full extent of what is going on in her world. Although Emily has a hard time expressing her emotions verbally, she is able to express them openly in her journal. 

Twenty years after their affair, David is a playwright and director. Emily shows up out of the blue and delivers her journals to him saying, “Maybe you can make something out of these journals.” The book “Morning Light” is the story of their one year love affair as David encounters his past through the private thoughts and feelings of Emily. The book is summed up best in this passage:
“By her own generous measure Emily was: (a) a good guardian, (b) a secret lover, (c) a regretful breaker of marital vows, (d) a passionate dancer, and (e) a caring person. She was also a woman tied between galloping horses that were tearing her in half.”
The push and pull of emotions in this book were very well written by Holland Kane. He expertly wrote from all angles exposing the raw material of thoughts and feelings of all of the people involved in this tangled web. I found as a reader I was not drawn to one character or another, but caught up in the overall sadness of the grief, lust, love and confusion that was settling over the characters as a whole.
I recommend this book to any passionate reader of life.

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