Surviving Mental Illness: My Story

Linda Naomi Katz
Outskirts Press (2012)
ISBN 9781432783990

Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views (8/12)

Article first published as Book Review: Surviving Mental Illness: My Story by Linda Naomi Katz on Blogcritics.

Author Linda Naomi Katz has written an excellent book on mental illness, specifically mood disorders. “Surviving Mental Illness: My Story” is easy to read and understand.

At the beginning, she talks about three specific mood disorders and the symptoms and possible treatment for these disorders. In addition, she gives resources for those who are suffering from mental illness with information on jobs, housing and transportation. Ms. Katz provides this information in a supportive, empathetic writing style.

The next chapter discusses her family’s history of mental illness and how it impacted her and those around her. Her mother was diagnosed with depression, although the author does state that she felt her mom had bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia, based on the types of medication she was taking.

The remaining chapters take us on the author’s own journey of being diagnosed with bipolar disorder explaining how she dealt with this chaotic life. During this time she relates many of the issues she had to deal with such as lack of relationships; low self esteem; suicidal thoughts and the death of her parents.

One of the wonderful things the author did was to remain positive throughout her writing so that readers would know that these disorders can be treated and a person can live a fulfilling life. She also provided many resources for readers who wish to seek additional information and support.

“Surviving Mental Illness: My Story” by Linda Naomi Katz would be an excellent book for anyone who has a loved one or friend diagnosed with mental illness. In addition, it would be a great book for therapists to recommend to their clients. 

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