Kiss Me! Let the Universe Sing a New Song

Reza Kazemi
AuthorHouse (2013)
ISBN 9781481779142

Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (10/13)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Kiss Me! Let the Universe Sing a New Song’ by Reza Kazemi on Blogcritics.

“Kiss Me! Let the Universe Sing a New Song” by Reza Kazemi is a little, simple book of love poems with beautiful sketches. As a poet and illustrator myself, I was interested in the book immediately. Although the book is small, the poems are short and easy to read. I recommend readers to read them slowly, savoring the expressed feeling while admiring the sketch on each one. They do not rhyme, which might throw off some readers who are used to rhymes. Many of them sounded to me like a translation, and maybe that is why it took me a couple of reads to get the feeling of it. I write my poetry in Spanish, and translate it in English sometimes, so the feeling of detachment I get from reading my own poem’s translation is more or less what I felt on some of the poems in this book.

Yet, there were others that struck my heart like a lightning bolt. I loved Kazemi’s style of evoking the simplest words to convey profound feelings of love, and relationships. I did wish I could hear the melody on some of them, as I got the message but didn’t hear the music. These are the ones I can only assume got overshadowed by a loss in translation as he expressed feelings I could identify with using words that sounded a bit awkward to me. Still the message was so worth listening to!

“Kiss Me! Let the Universe Sing a New Song” by Reza Kazemi is a cute little book with simple words and adorable sketches that will bring warmth to any lover’s heart.

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