Out of Hiding

Mia Kerick
Dreamspinner Press (2014)
ISBN: 9781627986496
Reviewed by Jennifer Hass for Reader Views (10/14)

“Out of Hiding” by Mia Kerick is a gay romance novel about Philippe Bergeron and his niece Sophie who travel to New York to check out ballet schools over the summer. Philippe’s brother needed an escort for Sophie so she could scout the city and prepare for her college education. Since Philippe was recovering from a shoulder injury and couldn’t be out in the ocean fishing, he accepted the job and took on the city with his niece.

Dario Pereira is a super-hot dance instructor that is hired to give Sophie private dance lessons. At first sight, Philippe could not take his eyes off of this hunk of a man. As time goes by, Dario shows interest in Philippe and things start to heat up. Philippe is a very insecure person and hides behind his beard and his shaggy clothes. What lies underneath this facade is a man begging to be saved. With the ups and downs of emotions, Philippe is put to the test and Dario takes him on a crazy ride.

Kerick really knows how to put the ‘X’ in sex. The intimate moments were steamy and I was pleasantly surprised. I was even more surprised to know the author herself is actually heterosexual. What an imagination Kerick has to make a gay love affair so explicit yet so satisfying.

The story line was based around ballet and since I have no direct knowledge of the dance, I believed every word. Everything flowed seamlessly and on time. The romantic story was challenging and what I would consider a chase. I personally do not like a romance that is easily achieved. There are very emotional moments when Philippe goes to sleep and dreams of his mother and since Sophie lost a loved one as well, all of it combined with the right about of sadness for a savior to come along and fix.

Nothing worth having is easily achieved. This is proven with Philippe and Dario. With the support of Sophie and her father, this story is just perfect. Quick and easy to read, excellent editing. I recommend “Out of Hiding” by Mia Kerick for lovers of romance who want to get a nice quick love story in and make their evening feel warm and fuzzy.

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