Us Three

Mia Kerick
Harmony Ink Press (2014)
ISBN 9781627989084
Reviewed by Jennifer Hass for Reader Views (2/15)

“Us Three” by Mia Kerick is the story of three high school guys who are put together for a school project. What happens during and after this project is complete is just so amazing. The novel is broken into three point of views.

Corey, is the “gay boy” at school who is shy and timid yet will talk your head off if you will let him. He is also the one that is abused mentally and physically by the “mean girls” at school. Corey’s story is told from his perspective. It is heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.

Then there is Nate, the guy who has no friends and is pretty much just considered a screw up. Nate’s home life is less than desirable and quite dysfunctional and his point of view is written as a diary entry. The last of the three is Zander, who is the popular jock that everyone likes and wants to be his friend. Zander knows he is gay but would rather not come out publically. Zander’s point of view is written as an email conversation to his older brother who is off at college.

While all three have their own life struggles, Zander and Nate struggle with either defending Corey at school and taking up for him, or just minding their own business. The lessons and struggles in their story as “Us Three” is real and candid. Even though this is a work of fiction, there are so many real life stories to which many can relate.

“Us Three” by Mia Kerick is a short 162-page read but it does not lack in entertainment. I felt real emotions reading about the everyday bullying of Corey and the other guys realizing what is morally correct. Having to decide whether it is a good idea to “come out” or just keep it to themselves. This is an everyday struggle for most people who are gay/lesbian for fear of retaliation from bullies.

I have always enjoyed reading in the gay/lesbian genre. I am a firm believer in loving whoever you want. I find it very impressive when a straight author can portray gay characters so realistically and theatrically. Mia Kerick is a wife and mother who writes in the gay/lesbian genre. I really dig her and I have taken quite a liking to her work. “Us Three” is the second book of Kerick’s that I have read. Loved it!

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