Balls of Fire

Judy K. King
Envision Editions Limited (2015)
ISBN 9780976281429
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (10/15)

“Balls of Fire” by Judy K. King covers from ancient Egypt to our modern times. It is a follow up to her book “The Isis Thesis” in which the author decoded ancient Egyptian texts to show that they contain a hidden evolutionary message for mankind. This text discusses how human DNA has been able to survive and evolve in a quantum environment. The author, Judy King, continues her research into the connection between ancient Egyptian texts, such as, “The Egyptian Book of the Dead,” and modern science. King notes that the way that the human DNA transitions when we die is similar to the ancient Egyptians spiritual journey of death as demonstrated in their Egyptian signs.  King believes that microbiological theories are similar to the afterlife tales of the dead. This includes the legends about Thoth, Osiris, Horus, Seth, and Isis. Throughout time, these legends have repeated themselves and then have demonstrated actual physical evidence through scientific means. 

Ancient religious literature, art, architecture and rituals also show a correlation between Egyptian gods and the evolution of human and microbial genes and proteins. Our human evolutionary potential is demonstrated through this. She believes that at our death, with the right conditions, we can evolve into a hybrid species.

I found “Balls of Fire” by Judy K. King to be fascinating, yet incredibly complex. The author obviously invested a great deal of time and energy into researching this phenomenon. King states that baseball was a game created by the pharaonic priesthood. The intent of this game was to demonstrate this scientific knowledge. Using the game of baseball as a method of explaining this knowledge also helps make it easier for the reader to visualize and understand. This book could be used as a textbook for a graduate level course. While reading, I found myself frequently seeking more information via the internet; not because “Balls of Fire” is lacking in anything, rather the newly gained knowledge stimulated my desire to learn more.


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