Breakfast in Stilettos

Liz Kingswood
Camel Press (2012)
ISBN 9781603818780

Reviewed by Tiffany Schlarman for Reader Views (3/13)

The main character in Liz Kingwood’s “Breakfast in Stilettos” is Emily Royce. At thirty-three-years-old, Lifestyle Editor, Emily Royce has settled into covering strange and unusual stories for The Seattle Sun Times. When Emily’s boss assigns her to write about Seattle’s “slutterati” -- a.k.a., BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance, submission/sadism, masochism) -- Emily finds herself faced with a challenge, considering she is somewhat of a prude. Still, Emily is determined to stay focused and professional while learning to read between the “erogenous zones.”

When Emily’s sort-of-ex-boyfriend enlightens her to the slutterati’s hangout zone, The Slutterati Salon, Emily finds herself preparing to visit by interviewing a fetish-friendly therapist, lounging in late-night chat rooms, and unintentionally gaining a following among online Slutterati who enjoy being spanked. While further investigating she shops the world of fetish clothing discovering a pair of scarlet stilettos, that is to-die-for.

When she finally gets the guts to visit The Slutterati Salon, with her ex, Frank, on her arm and the stilettos safely locked in the trunk, Frank disappears. Seeing her distress, an oh-so-fine programmer named Joe offers to guide her around. In order to discover if facing your fears really does conquer them, Emily decides to humor Joe’s request to don her new stilettos.

BDSM is not a world I am familiar with, and neither is the main character, Emily. I found the book very interesting, though I’m still not intrigued by the world of BDSM, at least I can say I know about it. Due to this part of the storyline, the book is not for every reader, but if you enjoy learning about different lifestyles, you would likely enjoy this book. The story is a great mix of romance and chick lit with some psychological insights into human nature mixed within the pages. It is a mix of fun balanced with some introspection as Emily discovers a little about herself over the course of her assignment.

Emily learns more about herself and what she wants as a person and partner in a relationship. Her on again, off again relationship hasn’t quite cut it for her lately and she ends up learning a lot more about her on again, off again  lover in the process. She also learns how to fix some of the problems in their existing relationship, if she chooses to do so.

The story in “Breakfast in Stilettos” by Liz Kingswood is an insightful look into a relationship and one woman’s inhibitions. Though Emily goes into the assignment completely unaware of the community she is investigating, she moves through the fetish world and begins to change. The outcome is a new beginning both for Emily's character and her romantic relationships.

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