Chasing the High – And the Ecstasy of Coming Down

Nalin Kotari
Nalin Kotari (2014)
ISBN 9780692259641
Reviewed by Christine Watson for Reader Views (02/15)

“Chasing the High – And the Ecstasy of Coming Down” by Nalin Kotari is an enlightening book about life and ego and truth. The author breaks down different aspects of life, including love, pain, death, ego, and healing and meditation, among other topics. Ms. Kotari presents a real and honest look at people and life, and how we can bring more ecstasies and highs to our personal lives through honesty and truth seeking.

This book really opened my eyes to the fresh perspective of seeking truth instead of seeking temporary pleasures. The author points out how most people are looking for pleasure in life through the momentary channels of drugs, relationships, shopping, success, and a myriad of other ways. Ego is involved in all of these channels, and it is critical to recognize ego in order to put it to rest and stay focused on truth. Truth can sometimes be painful, but the end result of seeking and living in truth is the sole lasting source of pleasure and true happiness.

My favorite part of the book was the chapter on meditation. I have always struggled with meditation, thinking I wasn’t doing it correctly, or effectively. My mind has a way of wandering and it’s difficult for me to have a clear mind. This chapter on meditation brought to light that it’s ok if your mind wanders. The key is to step outside the thoughts and be more of an observer of the thoughts passing through the mind. The author to watch without engaging. I am eager to get started on a new practice of meditation without being so hard on myself when my mind wanders.

I have to admit that the chapter on drug use left me a little uneasy. The author supports that the use of some psychoactive substances can create support the path towards awakening. While this may be true, I am uncomfortable with the idea of using drugs to increase spiritual awareness.

I recommend “Chasing the High – And the Ecstasy of Coming Down” to anyone looking for a fresh perspective on finding truth and getting on a journey towards awakening the soul. I enjoyed this book and plan to implement many of the ideas the author suggested so I can improve my own personal journey.

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