The Perpetual Motion Club

Sue Lange
Perpetual Motion Club Publishing (2013)
ISBN 9780988748866
Reviewed by Tracey Rock for Reader Views (10/13)

Elsa is the main character in “The Perpetual Motion Club” by Sue Lange.  For Elsa, high school is linear.  Being gifted and talented is not enough.  It is popularity that always wins out.  The popular kids are the ones who receive corporate sponsorship.  Building a career outside of a corporate sponsor would be impossible. So, having corporate sponsorship in this now not-so-distant plausible future is the status quo.  With the encouragement of Elsa’s geometry teacher and her mother, she reluctantly agrees to attend a by-invitation- only meeting of the Science Society.  This club would be great for Elsa’s resume, if only she liked what this club had to offer.  She knew when she saw how cruel her biology teacher treated the other students at the meeting that she could not be a part of this club, but it was when the Science Society rejected her best friend May, that she ultimately decided not to become a member.  It was at that moment, when she was trying to defend her decision for not joining the Science Society to her mother that she triumphantly declared that she was going to create her own club.  This is the moment that The Perpetual Motion Club was born.  Creating the club was not easy.  Everywhere she went, she was told, she could not do it.  The creation of the Perpetual Motion Club would be impossible.  This pre-occupation of creating the club consumed Elsa and at the same time, it unknowingly and unilaterally put in motion a new personal journey for her that she hadn’t expected.  Join Elsa as she explores the theory and truths of doing the impossible.
“The Perpetual Motion Club” by Sue Lange is a futuristic; high-tech, sci-fi book centered on a high school sophomore student who yearns to stand out and be different but, at the same time, wants to fit in.  Sound familiar?  Yes, not too uncommon, but yet, the author, Sue Lange, finds a creative way to intertwine various plots, such as a murder mystery, science and technology and a bit of a love story all in one.  Not bad if you ask me.  I thought that the story started out slow in the beginning and it took me some time to really connect with the characters.  In retrospect, however, I find that the uniqueness of the story made this okay.  Also, because, this is not another high school “Team Jason” type of book.  Readers will go deeper in thought with this book if patience allows them to.  The concepts were fascinating – very unique.  This is worth reading if you are looking for something original in this genre and know going in that this storyline has its own path to follow – and it’s not an impossible one. 

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