Iconic Poetry: Poems on Life’s Favorite Icons

Sara Lauritzen
Crownheart Books (2011)
ISBN 9780983328605
Reviewed by Joseph Yurt for Reader Views (4/11)

Poetry is perhaps the most personal genre of creative writing, which makes it a wonderful womb for indulging in self-expression. Self-proclaimed “modern day poet,” Sara Lauritzen has penned a small volume of “hippoetry” (word taken from her website) comprised of quirky, rhyming poems that pay tribute to some of the world’s most loved commercial icons and destinations. Both her Introduction and her poetry make it clear that this work is a pleasurable self-indulgence.

Her Dedication page demonstrates her style: “Rhyming poetry feels good on your tongue, Harmonious and musical, Said aloud or sung, Go on, try it You’ll love it It’s fun.” Starbucks, Coke, Disney World and mac and cheese are among the pop icons that receive a poetic make over from Lauritzen. And every poem remains true to her love of the rhyme.

But alas, while the title of the collection piqued my interest, the poetry did not. I found the writing, in general, to be too simple and sing song for my taste, although the overall childlike quality the poems imparted was pleasing. In this regard, “Iconic Poetry” might prove to be a valuable resource in the hands of a teacher trying to spark a passion for poetry reading and writing in children.

As is my habit, after reading a book and completing my initial review, I sought out other reviewer’s assessments of “Iconic Poetry.” I was pleased for Ms. Lauritzen to find out that there were other readers with whom her poems made a more positive connection. That diversity of response is why we celebrate creative writing.


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