Footprints of God in Every Season (eBook)

Merton Lee
iUniverse (2013)
ISBN 9781475979732

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (6/13)

Article first published as eBook Review: Footprints of God in Every Season – by Merton Lee on Blogcritics.

“Footprints of God in Every Season” by Merton Lee is made up of messages and poems of hope, love, and truth; of strength, courage, and transcendence; of faith, understanding, of inner peace; and of mysteries, problems and wisdom.

Merton Lee asks the hard questions, “Why does the universe go through all the bother of existing?” and “How do I find answers to God’s purpose?  Lee begins by inviting the reader to consider the thoughts expressed in his article “Can You Guess Who I Am?” In this article he describes some of the masks people wear to hide their feelings, doubts, and weariness.  He goes on to provide helpful perspectives, responses, and answers by revisiting the well-known story “Foot Prints.” His own deep insights describe the way God leads us through the changing seasons of life through the dreamer’s conversations with God.

Using reflective poetry and prose, Lee offers the reader guidance on finding their real identity with fresh insight and a new theodicy which will deepen the understanding of God’s purpose and the problems of suffering in light of His goodness in light of the existence of evil.

Powerful selected passages from the Gospel of Matthew, the writings of the Apostle Paul, and the prayers of Saint Teresa and Saint Francis transition into Merton’s all-encompassing prayer expressed through the voice of a young evangelist.

Biographical notes describe Merton Lee’s personal search for meaning, the story of how he became a Christian and other factors that have formed his theology, philosophy, and basic psychological concepts of serving God’s purpose, finding inner peace and the nature of life. He has been influenced by well-known classical and contemporary authors, wisdom principles, and inspirational revelations. Direct quotes and shared stories are well documented.

The author’s proposals are complex and thought-provoking. “Footprints of God in Every Season” by Merton Lee is a handbook of principles to live by for Christians, pastors, and wisdom seekers.

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