Miracle Man

William R. Leibowitz
Manifesto Media Group (2014)
ISBN 9780989866217
Reviewed by William Phenn for Reader Views (02/14)

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Once in a while, I come across a book that is just one of the most amazingly written works I have had the pleasure to review – “Miracle Man” is one of those books.

Mr. Leibowitz’ book kept me glued to its pages. Every chapter was a joy to read and the trials and tribulations the main character “Bobby Austin” encountered were dramatically presented. The book was well researched and written with a knowledgeable pen. I have to admit, the author would have had me convinced that this was a biography about a genius of a man, had I not known it was a fiction book.

This is a magnificent story of a boy genius and how he evolves into manhood, from a young inquisitive child to a multi-degreed research scientist ready to take on the world. His devotion to his work and his never ending battle to find solutions to problems make him a chronic compulsive individual. He has very few friends and leads the life of a recluse, until one day when he meets a girl that is almost equals his intelligence level.

Bobby takes an immediate liking to her and asks her to work in his lab, since she is highly qualified to assist him in his endeavors to find cures for the world’s worst diseases.  About this time the reader would expect Bobby to fall in love with this girl since she is everything that he would like to have in a girlfriend, but for “Bobby Austin”, that is not the case. For Bobby, falling in love is not a normal function and he does not recognize the fact until very much later in the book. I waited for the longest time for him to realize that he loves the girl and tell her so but that didn’t happen. Bobby spends a lot of time in his lab and that’s a good thing because that way they are both in close proximity.

I will not ruin the book for anyone by telling you anymore except the fact that it has a very realistic ending.

“Miracle Man” by William R. Leibowitz is destined to be a best seller. I gave it one of my very rare A+ ratings. It had everything that one could ask for in a good novel. The book is also very “General Audience” in the fact that the author manages to write a dramatically superior novel, without the use of profanity.


Reviewed By William Hartgrove for Reader Views (02/14)

William Leibowitz’ book “Miracle Man” is a good read that I can highly recommend.  His characters are unique and interesting.  His story flows and has enough twists and changes to keep you entertained.  “Miracle Man” is a scientific thriller that is not bogged down with too much science, it does not have so many characters that you need to keep notes.  William Leibowitz found a balance and formula that worked well.  I found the book to be compelling and enjoyed it very much.

The book’s main character and the hero is Robert “Bobby” Austin.  Bobby is truly a different type of hero.  He has all the wonderful ingredients that make a person love and admire the hero.  Tragedy after tragedy weighs him down, he continues to persevere and triumph, and ultimately is set on a path of confrontation.   Please don’t misunderstand me - Leibowitz has created a character that is both a hero and an anti-hero and does not fit into a pattern or formula.  The character never gets stale and is seldom predictable.   

While our hero is unique I believe that Mr. Leibowitz did not let us down with the stories antagonists.  The story has several villains, each posing serious threats to Bobby or his loved ones. This is all standard fair that is well written and adds to the story.  But it is the unique foe that Robert Austin ultimately pits himself against that makes this book.  This foe changes Bobby, affects the people around him, and continues to drive the hero, the story, and the reader.  I don’t want to be a spoiler so I will have to leave it at this.  The villains are interesting, diversified, and well written.

Well written?  What makes a story well written?  Heroes you cheer for, characters that you empathize with or villains you can loathe?  All of that plus - plot and style.  “Miracle Man” presents all this and more.  It is a well written book that made me sympathize greatly with the hero and the people in his life.  I cheered him on, wished great things for him, and great harm to his enemies.  I liked the book.  Give it a read.


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