Cloud Computing: The Glide OS Story: Solving the Cross Platform Story

Donald Leka and Claire Leka
Happy About (2013)
ISBN 9781600052439

Reviewed by William Hartgrove for Reader Views (7/13)

While the Glide products and services created by TransMedia look like interesting solutions to a problem shared by all users of the internet and various devices I can’t say the same for “Cloud Computing: The Glide OS Story” by Donald Leka and Claire Leka.  The book felt to me as nothing more than a glorified brochure and compilation of articles about the company and the product.

The sad part is I can’t help but feel there is drama.  They hint at it in several places -- drama from the loss of financing, conflict with the big players, and waiting for technology and demand to catch up to a product that was ahead of its time.  They hint but never develop.  This is how the book reads:

“So and so met us, liked us, wrote us up, no customers.  New devices came out and we thought we had a market but we didn’t.  Financing was there then it wasn’t so we went someplace else but it wasn’t there either and things were bleak.”  I’m afraid I’m in real danger of getting the whole book down if I write a few more lines.

I found interesting facts about the software but nothing about how it was developed or really conceived; historical facts about people but nothing about what they experienced.  There was an amusing anecdote about their son’s contribution that stood out as a highlight, but I just gave that away.  I’m sorry to be so hard on anyone’s writing but this book felt as the highlights of a product and its write up in the press. In short “Cloud Computing: The Glide OS Story” by Donald Leka and Claire Leka resonated to me like a sales pitch and not like what the title describes as the story of…

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